Constantly evolving: technology, the future, WEDnetPA training.

Technology today is advancing at a pace unlike anything society has ever witnessed. And with all this rapid technological advancement comes a significant change to the traditional labor market.

To create, properly maintain and service, and evolve these amazing technologies, a growing army of individuals possessing unique — oftentimes brand-new — skillsets is needed. Skillsets that just five years ago we had no idea our workforce would need. Skillsets that five years from now will likely be superseded by a whole new set of innovative skills not yet developed as of today.

A good deal of both foresight and flexibility is required to anticipate the workforce training needed in today’s world as well as in the ever-changing future. Fortunately, WEDnetPA possesses this agility. We provide state-funded job training that properly prepares today’s workers while successfully assessing the developing trends likely to influence workforce skills months, even years from now.

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Pennsylvania is using its resources to invest in its workers, making sure they have the skills needed to compete in the global economy.

We must ensure that businesses have access to a highly skilled labor force and that residents have the education and training they need. Together with the Workforce and Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth is making sure our working men and women remain competitive. We’re working to improve our economy as well as the quality of life of our residents.

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