WEDnetPA's forward thinking has Pennsylvania companies positioned for success ... today and well into the future.

Successful companies are the key component to a bright future for Pennsylvania. These businesses employ residents ... provide family-sustaining wages ... pay taxes ... encourage other businesses to grow ... and attract new companies to come to the Commonwealth. Everyone benefits from a bustling business sector here in our Commonwealth.

How do we sustain this vibrant economic business climate and fuel it for the next generation of Pennsylvanians? Keep the skill sets of today’s workforce relevant so they can continue to remain productive — not only today ... but well into the future. The state-funded job training provided through WEDnetPA does just this. It trains today’s workers for the jobs of tomorrow — strengthening Pennsylvania’s workforce and businesses, and in turn, bolstering Pennsylvania’s economy.

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Pennsylvania is using its resources to invest in its workers, making sure they have the skills needed to compete in the global economy.

We must ensure that businesses have access to a highly skilled labor force and that residents have the education and training they need. Together with the Workforce and Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth is making sure our working men and women remain competitive. working to improve our economy as well as the quality of life of our residents.

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