Last year’s program changes are yielding positive reviews and beneficial results in FY 2015-16

Last year, WEDnetPA revamped its training guidelines and policies to better address the higher-technology training needs of Pennsylvania companies that are incorporating sophisticated technology into their operations — and require workers with more advanced skill sets. Amongst the changes we made to the program was the realignment of our training areas — we evolved the previous Basic Skills training to the new Essential Skills training and restructured Information Technology to Advanced Technology training. To date, these changes have been met with glowing praise from the companies who have taken advantage of the new guidelines.

To learn how these changes have been extremely beneficial for two Pennsylvania companies in particular— and understand the specifics of our Job Training program as a whole — please download a PDF of our current brochure below.

Annual Report Calendar Brochure

Pennsylvania is using its resources to invest in its workers, making sure they have the skills needed to compete in the global economy.

We must ensure that businesses have access to a highly skilled labor force and that residents have the education and training they need. Together with the Workforce and Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth is making sure our working men and women remain competitive. working to improve our economy as well as the quality of life of our residents.

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