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Basic Skills Training

Fundamental Skills Needed for Workplace Success

Designed to benefit both employees and employers, free Basic Skills Training provides instruction in a variety of basic skills needed to be successful in the workplace.

Basic Skills are defined according to the type and scope of the business. Some of the training elements offered through the program include:
  • Applied Mathematics and Measurement
  • Business Operations
  • Communications and Teamwork
  • Computers
  • Manufacturing Fundamentals
    • Blueprint Reading
    • Welding, Soldering
    • Tooling, Grinding
    • Setup
    • Machine Maintenance
  • Problem Solving
  • Product and Process Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Workplace Behavior Skills
  • Workplace Health and Safety
Training can be received offsite, onsite at your business, or online. For help with assessing your training needs, refer to the planning tools we've provided here on our site.

In order to qualify for any training, your company must meet a set of specific eligibility requirements.

Only WEDnetPA partners are authorized to apply for funding on your behalf — to obtain more information or to apply for funding, contact the closest WEDnetPA partner in your region.

Does your company qualify?

Basic Skills Training

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"The WEDnetPA funds that we receive promote essential training to stay competitive in the cabinet industry and keep business in Pennsylvania. I feel morale has been impacted due to the training that has been done in the past year. Employees feel part of the business when training and education is being done in their respective facilities."

Paul Hitesman, Training Manager
Wood Mode, Inc.
Kreamer, Pa.